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The morning of 28 June’14 opened with utmost zeal and enthusiasm as it was the day of learning, the much awaited day of Marketing Club Activity – Marketechos

Students participated with full enthusiasm in the activities and competitions which included two presentations delivered by a group of three students each. First presentation was all about the role of advertising in today’s world and the second one focused on the role of Social Media.

The presentation on advertising talked about both ATL (Above the Line ) and BTL (Below the Line) advertising with their different medias and also the difference between the two. The role of advertising in influencing the target group and the role of advertising agency was discussed in detail which was followed by interesting advertising videos.

The second presentation talked about the change in the habits of people and the amount of time people spend using social sites. Different platforms of social media were discussed in detail and it was thus concluded that social media these days constitutes 94% of the marketing platform.

The presentations were followed by humorous and creative advertisements enacted by our talented students on ‘Aro – ShudhPiyo Healthy Jiyo’ and on ‘Revicol- Chipkaye Umeed Se Zyada’.

The winner teams in both the categories of Presentations and Role plays were applauded and motivated by the encouraging words of the faculty and the students.

An interactive and a knowledgeable session by the guest speaker Mr. Ved Prakash on the importance of innovation in Today’s World followed the student oriented activity – Marketechos.

Mr. Ved Prakash is co- Founder and Mentor of Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd. He has a professional career of around 25 years. His agenda in life is, “Whatever you do, do your Best”. He defined Marketing as identifying and understanding where opportunity lies. He explained that innovation in marketing is required due to increase in competition. He discussed that innovation is a combination of discovery, alteration, creativity, inspiration, technology, idea, change, research, improvement, analysis and invention.

His vast knowledge, expertise, passion in the marketing field and an interactive session was very well received and appreciated by the students who actively participated in the discussion.

ABS is committed towards fostering a high degree of awareness about the different facets of the Information Technology World among budding managers. With business going global and electronic, a keen understanding of Information Technology can provide managers an extra edge that would enable them and their businesses to achieve exceptional results. This student driven club endeavors to provide the students of ABS technological knowledge, while at the same time keeping the fun element alive through innovative activities and events.
Some of the activities undertaken by the club during 2013-14 academic year are:

  • Tech bytes (IT quiz)
  • Role play to highlight importance of Information technology in real world.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a responsibility that industries owe towards society at large. The plethora of initiatives that make our society more livable & sustainable come under CSR.

The CSR Club of Asian Business School organized an activity in its campus on Saturday i.e. 21st of December 2013 featuring CSR as the main theme of the activity.

The entire Asian Business School fraternity felt blessed when Amita Joseph, Director, Business Community Foundation, an authority on the subject consented to be the Guest of Honour on this occasion.

The event commenced with the arrival of the Guest who was welcomed & ushered into the campus. Having spent some time in the institute, the guest accompanied by Dr. Laliya Vir Srivastava, Director, ABS & Dr. Tara Shankar, Associate Dean ABS Noida, proceeded towards the inspection of the Notice boards which were decorated by the students.

The guest evinced a lot of interest in the various CSR activities being painstakingly displayed on the boards. The students explained to the guest about their effort and got benefited with some stimulating inputs on CSR from her.

The event started with the lighting of lamp by all dignitaries in the Theatre Hall of the institute which was followed by a very touching video shown by Mr. Ravee Sharma, Head of CRC, ABS, Noida. The video exhibited the very essence of the purest form of “Earth” that the mankind was blessed with and the amount of damage that we have done to it. It was greatly appreciated by one and all.

The other activities of the event comprised of the presentations on CSR given by PGDM students of ABS. The presentations focused on the various CSR related initiatives being taken by industries in India. The audience saw the presentations in rapt attention.

The presentations gave a way to the role plays enacted by two groups comprising of PGDM II section A & B students. The students through their different roles underlined the significance of corporate responsibility towards society. The role plays evoked a thunderous applause from the audience.

After the student activities the Guest of Honour was solicited to enlighten the gathering with her views on CSR. She made the audience spell bound by throwing light on some new emerging aspects of CSR. She also advised the students present to gather more information on ongoing CSR activities in the industry. She also spoke at length on corporate governance.

The Director of the Institute Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava also exhorted the students to take moral responsibility of oneself to succeed in life. He also delivered a vote of thanks to everyone present.

In the end Dr. Tara Shankar, Associate Dean, ABS, declared the winners of notice board decoration, presentations & role play activity.

In this way the whole event ended on a promising note presenting an opportunity to students to know more about Corporate Social Responsibility.

“Bulls n Bears” – The Finance Club

With the aim of giving inputs to the students beyond what they can learn from books, “Bulls n Bears” – Finance Club of Asian Business School has successfully organized its activity.
Through Nukkad Natak and Drum Charades students tried to explain various terms related to insurance.


With the help of this Insurance awareness camp students came to know about various related terminology.


“Pearl Cult Age” – The Cultural Club

Be the change you want to see in the world” – Short sentence filled with in depth learning. If analyzed, every quotation, principle, ideology laid by our father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhi reflects the charisma and personality that he himself owned i.e. “Simple Living- High Thinking”.


With these words of Mahatma Gandhi Cultural club was started with the aim of development of students emotional, intellectual, social and inter-personal advancement, Asian business school celebrated Independence Day Gandhi Jayanti, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Jayanti as Children’s Day and many more events where such commemoration brought the life of Mahatma and the spirit of Patriotism alive.

Asian Business School’s Human Resource Club “Synergize To-Get-HR” aims to provide a platform to students at a grass root level to learn basic concepts and latest trends in the field of human resources through practical approach with the help of synergy impact of various tools such as – Role Play, Mime, HR Summit, Case Study Analysis, Collage, Management Games, Guest Lectures by professionals, etc.
The prime focus of Synergize To-Get-HR Club is to bring students together and make them learn the practical aspects and implication of concepts beyond the class room lectures.
Some of the activities of this Club are:

Role Play on “Squadders”


A management student has to play numerous roles in an organization while he is studying as well as when he joins an organization. Keeping this in mind, a Role Play exercise “Squadders” on the theme of “Team Building” was organized on Saturday, the 13th October, 2012 by Synergize to-get-HR (The HR club).

Five teams from all semesters participated with gusto. The students used the concepts in a practical way juxtaposing this with their tremendous talent and use of creativity. All these teams came up with different ideas for imparting the concept of team building and made every one present there to believe in the saying – “Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, Working together is success”.

Along with Squadders an activity “Conscription”- i.e. Recruitment was organized which was designed to give students a brief idea about practical application of recruitment process. This enabled students to learn the ways of designing recruitment advertisement and techniques to promote their company and position the same in the minds of potential applicants so that the best person approaches for the employment.

Hence, the mission of understanding the importance and effectiveness of Teambuilding in corporate world was accomplished using practical and creative tools. To enhance the participation level of the students, certain one minute games in the the teams were organized.

Savoir( Knowledge Filling Station)


SAVOIR- a “knowledge Filling Station” was organized by Synergize To-Get-HR (The HR Club) on 20th October, 2012. This was a step initiated to add on creativity and innovation in the process of acquiring knowledge and to give synergic attribute towards seeking knowledge and learning in a group as “we can be smarter together than any one of us can be alone”.

SAVOIR came up with a platform for the class presentation concept where 5-7 representatives from each semester participated to gain success with collaborative effort to ensure glory for their respective class. Each semester was allotted with General Management and Human Resource topics- Role of training in cross culture environment, Leaders lead the organization, Communication- Bridging the gap between employer and employees, Working in groups: Boon or Bane, Change in perception changes the world & Personality contributes towards success. These topics were given to students two days in advance so that they can come up with different creative tools which can make this learning experience more interesting and effective beyond traditional methodologies of imparting knowledge.

All the teams came up with a great zeal of conveying their concepts by creating synergic impact with role plays, mute acts, presentation, songs, videos etc. which not only proved to be the knowledge filling station but also an easy way out to remember the basic concepts that had long lasting impact on all the audience present and members participated.

“संघठन”-Formation of Trade Union (Saturday Activity of HR Club)

The HR club on 22nd June 2013 planned application based event “संघठन”- Formation of Trade Union with an idea to understand the concept of Trade Union, its registration and recognition process. The principle objective behind “संघठन” was to analyze the role played by trade union in today’s industrial world. Trade union now a days is emerging as a powerful collective group working for the common goal i.e. equality and justice to labour.

“संघठन” was seggregated in four phases spread all over the week, firstly, students were asked to form a group comprising of minimum 7 or 1/10 of total members to register their trade union as per the guidelines and format prescribed by Trade Union Act 1926. For the registration purpose, groups were given genuine form as prescribed followed by the registration certificate.

Two Trade Unions – “ABS Shakti” under the leadership of Deepak Arora(Student) with 21 members & “H.K.J.N.P” (Humse Kahu jeet na Payee) under the leadership of Md. Arif Khan(Student) with support of 17 members were awarded with Trade Union Registration Certificate on the basis of eligibility accomplished and registration application.


“संघठन” along with its primary objective of making budding managers understand the concept of Trade Union also highlighted current employee’s issues- Women Empowerment, Child Labour, Safety and Hygiene at workplace through its third phase “Agenda”. Both the unions were given two hours to portray the allocated concept through presentation, role-play, banners etc. The concern here was to make all the members aware about some of these current issues which seek attention, their implication, and remedial measures that can be opted based upon the real time practical approach. Both the teams were able to justify their agenda by using innovative ideas.

To conclude the fourth phase of “संघठन” was ‘Recognition of Trade Union’; all the present members and non-members were asked to vote for ‘ABS Shakti’ or ‘HKJNP’ along with the ballot voting. A panel of judges were asked to allocate them marks on the basis of “Prachar” & “Agenda Propagation”. Finally ABS Shakti was recognized as winner with maximum votes and support.

The Environment Club – Prakriti

The objectives of the Environment Club are to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues, instill a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment and educate & cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.

The Club is involved in a diversity of programmes aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organize programmes in line with the Club’s objectives as well as in participating in hands-on “green” activities.
Some of the activities of this Club are:

“Go Green with Mega Dream”

The first activity of Environmental Club – Prakriti was organized with a great zeal and enthusiasm on 1st December, 2012. Students from all the courses participated in the event and decorated the entire campus on the theme “Go Green”.

A Presentation Competition was held on the theme of “Go Green” where students presented their views on Green Marketing, Global Warming, Waste Management, etc. This was followed by a Poster Competition on how the students understand the environment around them. Beautiful and thought provoking posters were prepared by students of BBA and MBA. Prizes were given in both these competitions. The activity was a great learning experience for the students.

“Jaago India Jaago” (Saturday Activity of Environment Club)

Prakriti, the Environment Club organized this activity on 26th October, 2013. The purpose of the activity was to sensitize the young generation towards the numerous issues related to environment. The club also wanted to encourage students in huge numbers to showcase their talent as well to give them a platform to shed their inhibitions and fears so that they are ready to face the corporate world with boosted confidence and optimism.

The Club organized a Presentation Competition “JAAGO INDIA JAAGO” where the students of PGDM I and PGDM IV were given a chance to make presentations on varied environmental issues like Global Warming, Degradation of Natural Resources, Deforestation, Pollution – Air, Land, Water and Noise, Waste Management, Carbon Emissions & Kyoto Protocol, Wild Life Protection, Land Use, Biodiversity Loss, Excessive Urbanization, Kedarnath Disaster Analysis due to Commercial Use of Resources, Climate Changes, etc. In total, 8 teams from both the courses participated and did a remarkable job on the content and the presentation part of the activity.

The other activity called “NUKKAD NAATAK” was organized where the students had to represent an NGO and create awareness for a chosen environmental issue through a street play. PGDM IV team did a commendable job to represent the Kedarnath tragedy and what can be done to avoid such disasters in the future.

The objectives of the club activity were to motivate and encourage students to come out of their shell and improve their communication skills, presentations skills, confidence, attitude towards learning and prepare them to face the placement session ahead of them. Such activities and events provide a direction to them to groom themselves for the corporate jobs.

To build-up competitive spirit among its students, Asian Business School facilitates a healthy environment via its Sports Club, ATHLEEMA. Its objective is to inculcate the traits of leadership, self discipline, strong character and good sports-person among its students while nurturing them to compete in dynamic business environment.

Following the educational tradition of Saturday activity, ABS Sports Club, ATHLEEMA organized a host of events related to sports on Saturday, 29th September, 2012.

On 10th and 11th February, 2013, ATHLEEMA Sports Club conducted Inter-College Sports Competition at Jasola Sports Complex, New Delhi.


On Saturday, 31st August, 2013 ATHLEEMA Sports Club organized an in-house sports club activity that helped ABS to identify the right talent and caliber and provided the strong teams for the upcoming Inter-Campus Sports Competition.

On 19th and 20th October 2013, the students of Asian Business School participated in the sports events organized by J.K. Business School, Gurgaon and NDIM, New Delhi. Arpit Agarwal, our student of Trimester-IV, PGDM won “FIRST PRIZE” by successfully outwitting the opponents in all the five rounds of billiards pool in the sports event held at NDIM.


Parallel to Academic Life; at ABS runs the foot stamping rhythm of the students’ social life. Media Club and students’ associations provide a forum for interaction amongst themselves and the world outside. Media Club engages students who exhibit interest in Media Industry. Media has penetrated deep into their lives and hence has enormous power to reconstruct the way they look at the world, to shape their opinion, and redefine their values.

Keeping this in view; Media Club of  Management students of Asian Business School organized the event “THE BUZZ” on Saturday , Students of ABS organized ”MEDIA – THE BUZZ” on Saturday 22.11.12 in the campus. The basic idea is to provide students with an opportunity to develop life skills which will enable them to analyze these forms of modern communication and help them in their journey to Corporate World.

Media- Management Mantras By Mr. Satish Kaushik (Renowned Actor & Director)

Mr. Satish Kaushik, an Indian film director, producer and actor in Hindi films and theatre; visited Asian Business School, Asian Education Group and interacted with the management students. He appreciated the contribution of Asian Business School’s initiative to give the professional touch to the media industry. He emphasized that today management students have career option in event management, electronic media and print media, Celebrity management and so on. Making a movie is a tremendous logistical undertaking. It’s the execution of the details that ultimately determines the quality of the finished product; but it is the management professionals who market this product to the public.

Hungarian Film Festival

Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre Mr. Tibor Kovacs inaugurated the ‘Hungarian Film Festival’ at Asian Business School. Elite media fraternity at the institute joined hands to ensure the success of the festival which was scheduled for 72 hours, from 18th April to 20th April 2012. The films from all eras, 19th century to 21st century were screened to depict growth from ancient to modern films. The films were influenced by literature, they covered –personal, political and historical themes. Romans and Turkish effects were seen in the films.

Media seminar at Asian Business School

A one day seminar was hosted by Asian Business School on 29th February 2012, the theme of the seminar being “Digital Media – Opportunities and Challenges for Management”. Convergence in new media has brought a change not only in the way we live, but also in the way we think. The seminar was organized for the budding managers to give them a perspective of how new media has changed the way organizations do business. An international media guru inaugurating the seminar by expressing, “New media which is a boon for the corporate in streamlining the activities; has become a bane with employees misusing them during productive office hours.” The seminar had the benign presence of elite panelists from industry and academics, namely, Mr Arvind Kanaujia, Director, Alpinesoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd., Mr Kshitiz Randhir Shori, Head, Brand Sales, Vserve, Mr Deepak Goel, CEO, Snapshot, Mr. Pankaj Rakesh, Course Leader, Asian School of Communications. Mr Marwah welcomed the speakers on the platform

Guest Lecture by Prof. Karl Bardosh Producer/Director/ Writer Tisch School of Arts, USA

Prof. Karl Bardosh Producer/Director/ Writer Tisch School of Arts, USA, a master Professor at Tisch School Of Arts, New York University addressed the students of Asian Business School and shared his experience of various managerial aspects of film making. Production, Scheduling, Budgeting, preparation of finance proposals was shared in detail. The students also learned how to use applications to manage their entire schedule in the current scenario.

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