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Finance Club Activity 2014

Le jeu de banque

The Finance club of Asian Business School, Noida, is organizing “le jeu de banque” on 22-11-14. The activity has been planned to develop the Financial, Marketing and HR skill of the students. The students will be designing the financial products and services of a bank. Each team will be devising a marketing strategy to position itself in the market and maximizing the awareness of the product and services with the help of an advertising team. The students will also get an opportunity to conceptualize and shoot their own advertisement. There will be team of students function as a regulatory body to check the guidelines of RBI. To execute the complete concept the students will be working in different teams like the product, advertisement and regulatory team which will help the students to develop their interpersonal skills. We have four teams from the PGDM (2014-16) batch and two teams form PGDM (2013-15) batch.

Activity based learning is the key to imbibe the concepts in the long the long term memory

Post Event Report

Le jeu de banque (a banking game)

Keeping the tradition of saturday club activities in ABS, the Finance club organized ‘Le jeu de Banque’ which in French means a banking game on 22nd Nov 2014. The event was a week long activity commencing from Monday, 17th Nov 2014. There were total 5 teams of students with 12 members each. Each team was supposed to form a bank and market their products in the campus. The objective of the activity was to enhance the different management skills in the students like their finance skills, marketing, team work , leadership, time and resource management , communication and presentation skills to name a few. The enthusiasm of the students were visible all around in the campus and they did a lot of research work and brainstorming for designing their products, formulating their marketing strategies and finally selling it to the faculties and other departments against virtual currencies. Colorful, creative and informative posters were put up by all the teams in the campus. The whole week of promotional and selling activity was followed by the final event on Saturday in theatre hall of the college. In this all the teams gave presentations on their bank’s products and strategies along with a video advertisement shot through their mobile phones. The competition was judged by Director Academics, ABS Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava and a senior faculty member Ms. Supriya Srivastava. The teams were judged on 3 criteria viz. the total sales of each team, their presentation and the advertisement video. All the presentations were excellent and the videos specially were a surprise for the judges as all the teams performed way beyond their expectations. All were excellent but as they say there has to be one winner only. PGDM I, Sec C team was the winner, closely followed by PGDM IV, Sec A team as the first runners up. The whole event was a very good learning experience for all the students and they enjoyed it thoroughly.


Team Finance Club
Dated 22nd Nov 2014

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