Research & Development Cell

The Research and Development Cell is responsible for the formulation of the overall guidelines related to research and publication. The cell undertakes research projects on multi-disciplinary aspects (including Strategy, General Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation). It builds its research activities through the Industry-academia collaboration.

This connection aims to advance education, research and outreach in key areas. They provide a forum where knowledge and understanding of business can be exchanged between the academic and the corporate worlds. The cell conducts research and organizes seminars, conferences, development programs in areas critical to emerging economies such as Strategy, Finance and Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, and Operations Management and other emerging challenges in current times.


  • To ensure smooth and effective functioning of R&D activities.
  • To provide a focal point in the institution to co-ordinate R&D activities between faculty members, industry and students.
  • The Cell promotes multi-disciplinary academic as well as industry-oriented research.


“To become a center of excellence in management education by focused research pursuits through interface with industry and academia”

Sub-Committees and their Functions:



    • To cultivate a culture among students that supports innovation, through various club activities and workshops.
    • It provides a space that hones the creativity and promotes overall skill-sets by providing on-going mentoring.
    • To translate virtual business ideas of students into practical ventures and to encourage innovation through entrepreneurship in association with entrepreneurship club.


    • Cases are developed to highlight different issues and dilemmas faced by Industry. These cases are used in various learning programmes with active participation of the Industry.
    • To focus on development of relevant business cases, through insights gained during Live projects.
    • Supports case-based management education by turning relevant business and management experiences into powerful learning tools

    In keeping with our goal of ‘holistic knowledge by deductive learning methodology’, R&D Cell has been organizing conferences and seminars with participants and speakers from across the industries. These events help our students, faculty and all the participants to exchange ideas and thoughts and bring in new perspectives. Besides helping participants gain deeper insights into the subject under discussion, such events also help in finding solutions to professional challenges. The cell organizes events to enhance the industry interaction. These will include: National Seminar, International Conference, FDP, MDP.


    This will include research papers published by faculty members in various reputed national and international publications. This sub-committee will also encourage student research contributions. The faculty at ABS are committed to generating knowledge and ideas to enhance management practice and learning in the classroom and have contributed more than ……. articles to reputed national and international journals.

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